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The Team

The best brands are passionate about what they do and create value at every turn. Crafting compelling experiences that deliver on this is our passion – and promise to you! Suits Off Media is excited to partner with forward-thinking brands to their messages in unique and eye catching ways.

Our company & website is fresh and will continue to evolve. The best way to learn more about working with us is to pick up the phone or reach out via our contact form.

Matthew Stoneking

PartnerBusiness Developer

Matty has over a decade of experience in management, sales and marketing. As the “face” of almost every company he’s worked for, he knows how to wear a company’s brand while remaining true to who he is. His favorite activity is finding unique ways to make heads tilt, and believes that you can’t get it all unless you’re willing to give it all up.

James Patrick


For the past seven years, James has worked with a wide range of clients and concepts. Initially a photographer and now primarily a videographer, he’s worked with brands such as Microsoft, Peterbilt and the list goes on. Today, as a co-founder of Suits Off Media LLC, James ensures your video content is filmed by some pretty cool gear. He’s also vastly knowledgeable in post-production tricks and offers fresh creative direction in all his work.

Cooper - Test Cooper

Cooper Hopkins


Cooper has created content for a wide variety of clientele and knows how to apply his creative touch to any any scenario. Cooper’s passion is creating art in various forms and has found video editing software to be a perfect canvas for his art. In his free time you can find him wasting enormous amounts of time playing his instruments.