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Edit deals with post production. It's the name for everything that happens after you’re done shooting a video.

A big, big part of it is editing. Editing is the final part of the storytelling process. We have to consider how we’re telling the story by how we cut each shot and how we then sequence shots together.

Post Production

Post production is mostly editing and revsions.

Editing is often referred to as the most important thing in film or video because creating story through visual editing is entirely unique to film and video.

We use editing to give you the look and feel you want to portray with your brand.


What is a revision?

A revision is a tweak, a redo, a re-edit, a slight change. When you get your completed content, you may have notes for us.

We take these notes and revise the content. We use your feedback to make something good, even better.


Audio is way, way important. No matter how good your video looks, if the audio is lousy, your video ends up looking crap.

Capturing clean audio means a lot of things like selecting the best location, the quality of the equipment used, and working with trained talent. If you record it right the first time, you get to spend less time going back and editing it in post.

Cleaning up audio can involve noise cancellation or reduction during which we scrub out any booms, hisses, and wheezes we don’t want to hear.