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What goes into a good production?

At Suits Off, we understand all the moving parts that go into a production.

It all starts off with planning, and lots of it. This prep time is called pre-production.

Pre Production

Story, Location, Action.

That's how we do things at Suits Off. All three are important to having great content.

We take care of all 3 with an awesome workflow, controlled environments, and awesome camera work.

We make sure we get all the angles need to make sure your content is great.

Tech & Talent

This is where our real expertise comes into play. What gear do we need? How are we going to light this? What’s the acoustic environment like? etc. etc.

We also need to think about who are the stars of the show. Is it your staff? Will we have additional talent? Sometimes, things are scheduled ahead. This is the final magic ingredient that makes your video work.

This can get really detailed, but don’t worry, we got this.