About Our Pack

Our dogs know us best, so we’ll let them take care of the introductions. 

Zorro & Matt 

My name is Zorro Antonio Carlomagno De La Fuente. I'm a half weiner dog, and I'm fiercely loyal and protective of my family. I bark at everyone who walks by our house, especially the mailman. But don't let that fool you - I'm also a total softie who loves nothing more than cuddling up with my hooman. In fact, My nickname is Middle because I have to be in the middle of everything and everyone!

But we’re here about my human. He's been in the marketing and operations game for a whopping 15 years, but 5 years ago he decided to get rid of the corporate tie to focus on PPC (that's pay-per-click, for those of you who aren't in the know). And let me tell you, he's pretty decent at it! He knows how to get the word out there for his clients, no matter what kind of pet services they offer.

But here's the best part: Matt loves dogs. And his clients (although I'm obviously his favorite)! He's always talking about his clients who care for their furry friends like they're family. I love getting all the smells when he gets back from trips when he gets to visit them! 

And when it comes to loyalty and protection, Matt's got nothing on me. I'll protect my family to the death, but I know that Matt does the same for his clients. So if you're looking for an agency who knows their stuff when it comes to digital marketing for pet services, and who also happens to be a total dog person, then look no further. I give Suits Off two paws up!

Murphy and James, from Suits Off Media

 Murphy & James

It's me, Murphy, James' Sheepadoodle. First things first, I am not just a partner-in-crime, but the ultimate wingman. I mean, have you seen my fur? It's like a giant cuddle machine. Sure, I make some big messes, but it's all in the name of fun. 

My human is a master of the lens who's captured countless moments on camera. With a passion for storytelling through video, he's worked with manufacturing, robotics, and AI companies to bring their stories to life. Don't worry, he won't make your videos look like Chewbacca's home movies.

He loves marketing and advertising, and he's got a soft spot for our furriends. That's why he's decided to focus on his passion for pups and put his skills to work as a Content Manager with Suits Off Media. When you have content that needs created or tended to, James is your guy.